Compassionate Christian Counselor

Mary is typical modern woman. She just can not grasp the sudden losses and changes in her life. She is overwhelmed with emotions- Anxiety, depression, despair. She wants to scream, throw things, retreat, and certainly, to cry.

Dr. Monte Miller

     Mary’s faith in God is very important to her. She feels like her faith should be strong enough to help her keep it together better, but honestly – it just doesn’t. This fact ends up making her feel guilty and even worse emotionally.

     There are so many of us out there like this. Storms of life hit (Death, Divorce, Health Issues, Money Issues) and they result in overwhelming depression, anxiety, frustration. 

     We all need help sometimes, Someone to talk to. Someone who shares your values. Someone who will truly listen and understand, but will not judge.

Imagine a Better Future!

Imagine being able stand strong and calm in the face of hardships! To bounce back quicker, able to stay positive, even though life is still not easy. Imagine having a deeper faith in Christ, one that lets you find peace in the midst of the storm you’re in. Let me help you use your faith and the Bible to bring you peace.

What Therapy Is Like With Me

Informal Get to Know Me Video

A therapy relationship needs to be comfortable-a genuine relationship, one with compassion, but still offering a change of perspective to push you to better solutions. Look at my blogs here on this site to get read some of my advice articles. Many more will be coming. My YouTube channel, “DrMonte” is also great to get a feel for who I am.


What Makes For The Best Counselor?

You need someone with the most training possible and you need a lot of experience helping others similar to you and your problems. – but more importantly, you need someone with whom you can connect! I do have a good ability to get along well with most people. But In addition, I am a licensed clinical psychologist, with my Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and I also have over 26 years professional counseling experience.

Being a Christian Counselor

I am a Christian Counselor, not a Counselor who just happens to be a Christian. There is a big difference! The Bible and faith in Christ are the primary source of help! However, while I encourage clients to go deeper in their faith and reliance on Jesus, I am also not one to judge or shame anyone!

Also, read my blog on this for even more information.

Available for Online Counseling For All of Texas!

15 Minute FREE video or phone consultation is available to assess the kind of support you will need.m

Wait! Give it a chance! Think about it. You get helped from the comfort and safety of your own home, couch, or even your car. Almost all who try it say that they not only felt like they could connect on a personable level with the therapist but actually felt more comfortable to share openly. You are on your ground, not someone else’s office. Plus, it is as easy as pie (who doesn’t like pie?). Each step is right in front of you.,laid out one simple button at a time. Just start at my website and push the buttons. Try it (and me) out for FREE. No pressure or obligation. I also throw in email support in between sessions.el room, your kid’s soccer practice. All you need is a phone signal or WIFI. 

No Minimal commitment. Schedule sessions as often as you want. Included in services are email communications to keep in touch.

My Philosophy: Stroke with One Hand, Punch with the Other

Warning: I believe in the art of stroking with one hand and punching with the other. I will work very hard to understand you and your situation, without jumping to conclusions. NO judging or shame here!

However, I will then also try hard to get you to a different place, will push you to see things in a different light. You have to have both of these aspects in a good counselor, though many are just one side or the other.